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How to write an effective job description


Did you know that 52% of job seekers say the qualify of a job description highly influences their decision to apply? 

A job description is not the place to leave things to the imagination. Your job descriptions should be clear, concise, and complete. What can you do to make sure your job descriptions are doing their job to attract the right candidates to your positions? Here are five key things to remember when writing your job descriptions:

1. Be specific in your job title

Job seekers are searching by job title more now than they have in the past. If you can, use key phrases that describe the role in the job title. Avoid internal terms and make sure your language is as inclusive as possible.

2. Include a job summary

Hook the candidate with things that make your company and your position unique. With so many job postings going up each day, it's important to display what sets your company apart. Treat the job summary as an introduction to your employer brand. A major part of the job summary is an exact job location, so your posting appears higher in search results.

3. Outline core responsibilities and activities

Outline the core responsibilities of the job in a clear but concise list. Provide enough information about duties and activities for the candidate to understand what will be expected of them and how they will fit into your organization.

4. Include the key skills needed for the position

We all know job searching can be overwhelming, and vague skills requirements on job postings makes the job search that much more difficult. Be sure to list both hard skills (education and technical skills, for example) and soft skills, like problem solving, communication skills, or desired personality traits. Be clear about which skills are required versus which are nice-to-have.

5. Include salary range and benefits

Job seekers are looking for opportunities that meet their salary needs, so include a range in your posting to ensure a good fit. Non-salary benefits can sometimes be equally important. Include attractive benefits your organization offers, such as a hybrid schedule or tuition reimbursement.

A well-written job description can make or break whether or not a candidate applies. These tips can be the road map for your next great job description!