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Staying Productive During Stormy Days


As hurricane season reaches its peak, the looming threat of powerful storms becomes an ever-present reality until November. But with the right preparation, you can navigate these stormy days safely and productively, even while working remotely. Here are some valuable tips to help you make the most of your remote workday while the weather rages outside.

While we might not have the power to control the weather, technology has gifted us the ability to work from virtually anywhere, ensuring business operations can continue seamlessly from the comfort and security of our homes. Thanks to remote access services, Cloud-based systems, mobile devices, and applications, remote work has become more feasible and convenient than ever before.

Many companies now embrace the concept of working from home when necessary, and this practice comes with a multitude of benefits:

  1. Fosters Trust and Morale: Allowing employees to work remotely demonstrates trust, which can significantly boost morale and job satisfaction.
  2. Uninterrupted Operations: Even in the face of adverse weather conditions, businesses can continue their operations, minimizing disruptions.
  3. A Competitive Edge: Providing remote work options showcases a company's adaptability and dedication to serving clients regardless of external challenges.

Whether your daily routine involves commuting to an office or working from home regularly, taking proactive steps to prepare for severe weather will enable you to remain productive throughout the storm's duration.

As the storm approaches, it's crucial to have some essential items readily available:

  1. Emergency Essentials: A flashlight, batteries, and a portable radio are must-haves. Keep a flashlight within easy reach along with spare batteries. Opt for a portable radio that can be manually charged via a hand crank and even includes USB ports for charging phones.
  2. Cash and Medications: In case of power outages, having emergency cash is essential. Also, ensure you have a supply of necessary medications. Check your first aid kit for any expired items and replenish as needed.
  3. Healthy Food and Water: Stock up on nourishing, easy-to-prepare foods that provide sustained energy. Opt for protein-rich and fiber-packed options to avoid energy crashes. Additionally, store at least one gallon of water per person per day you plan to work from home.
  4. Work-related Materials: Think about tasks and projects you're currently working on. Gather any relevant materials you might need at home.
  5. Password Management: If you'll be using your personal computer, ensure you have access to your work accounts. Consider recording necessary account credentials securely, whether on paper (to be destroyed later) or in a password manager. If using the latter, save a copy of your password vault and bring it home.
  6. Laptop and Chargers: If possible (and OK with your employer), take your work laptop home ahead of the storm. This will grant you access to vital files, applications, and tools that keep your work moving smoothly.
  7. Portable Chargers: Ensure your mobile devices are fully charged by plugging in portable chargers and power packs. Staying connected with your team is crucial during remote work, especially when inclement weather strikes.
  8. Balancing Relaxation: Remember, it's essential to find a balance between work and relaxation during a storm. Don't become overly engrossed in work—have books, games, or other non-electric distractions on hand to unwind after work hours.

Hurricane season brings potential disruptions, it's wise to embrace the advantages of remote work. By preparing adequately and having essential items within reach, you can work efficiently and comfortably from home, regardless of the weather's fury outside. Stay safe, stay productive, and make the most of your remote workdays during these stormy times.