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Recruiter Response to The Great Resignation

With the rise of work from anywhere, interview from anywhere and an easier interview process, employees are now looking for new and better opportunities.

What does that mean for recruiters?

  • You need a constant stream of potential candidates to fill these vacated positions.
  • Talent is going to cost more in 2022 than ever before.
  • Employers will need to invest more into recruiting and hiring.

What must recruiters do to communicate their message in their job?

Flexibility – This is a MUST in job postings. From 2019 to 2021 there was an 83% increase in posts mentioning flexibility.

Work CultureShow that your company puts their people’s needs first.

Skills DevelopmentShow that you will invest in your employee’s growth.

Competitive PayJust as important as ever.

This year, recruiting teams are looking into engagement and experience for their candidates, rather than focusing solely on their hiring numbers.


  • Companies are focusing on the communication of “why their company” and what their company can provide for that employee.


  • Today’s market is HIGHLY competitive. Recruiters need to help preserve and evolve their organization’s culture, which means the new people they are hiring need to fit their culture to prevent turnover.

Internal Mobility Programs

  • Current employees are more likely to stay when they feel their company is investing in their career and professional development. On average, people who feel invested at their company will stay two times longer.
  • Remote work makes this challenging, but there are tools and technology to help you stay connected with your employees and make them feel as though they are part of the company, not on a separate island.