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Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

There is no worse feeling than walking into an interview and feeling unprepared. Even after you research the company and the position, you still don’t know what questions the interviewer is going to ask you. When you work with a PeopleShare Recruiter, you go through interview prep prior to meeting with any hiring manager. During the interview prep, our recruiter will help you practice answering several potential interview questions to get you to a comfortable and confident point prior to your interview.

To give you a sneak peek into the PeopleShare interview prep, here are three common interview questions and how you can confidently answer them.

  1. Tell me about yourself?

Although simple on its face, it is a trick question! This open-ended question can be challenging to answer appropriately. In a personal situation, you would go on to tell someone about your interests, what you do in your spare time, and your family. In a professional interview, it is important to keep this answer career oriented. Focus on your professional experience, education, and career goals. This allows your interviewer to learn a bit about you as a person as well as what you want to accomplish in your career. Try naming a specific accomplishment from your last position that will relate to the job you are interviewing for.  This question is typically one of the first questions asked, so start strong and really sell your experience to make a good first & lasting impression.

Example: “I am an experienced customer service professional with 5 years related experience. In my most recent role at ABC Company, I was named ‘employee of the month’ 4 times for providing excellent service.  I also assisted with new hire training. I am looking for a similar role and this position is one I feel would match my skills nicely, and exactly the type of culture I’m looking for in my next company.”

  1. Why are you considering a change from your current employer?

Even if you hate your current job, it is important that you stay positive in your answer. You may have 10 negative things, but only focus on this new position and what you’re looking for in your next step. Be honest – if there are certain duties of your current position you want to do more or less of, say that, but remain positive throughout your answer.

Example: “I feel I have reached a good stopping point in my career at ABC Company and am ready for a brand-new challenge.  I am most interested in pursuing this opportunity because I am very impressed with your organization and feel that I will be very passionate about working in this industry/company.”

  1. What is a weakness of yours?

The most dreaded interview question and another trick question. However, the worst answer is “I don’t have a weakness.”  It’s important to show humility, the key to successfully answering this question is to focus on a skill you want to improve – and then explain the steps you’re taking to develop in that area. This can be a technical skill, such as Photoshop, or wanting to refine your managerial skills. By telling your interviewer something you want to improve on, they know that you are a hard worker with a desire to grow in your career.  This not only shows humility, but also self-awareness, and a good indicator that you can accept coaching, which is a personality trait that employers look for in candidates for any job.

Example:  “I tend to be a little reserved and shy in situations I’m unfamiliar with.  So last year, I signed up for some classes that forced me out of my comfort zone and read a book on how to be more extroverted in a variety of situations.”

Try practicing your answers with a friend or family member to get comfortable. Feeling comfortable with your interview answers is an extra step you can take to feel prepared for your interview. Call your local PeopleShare office today so we can assist with your job search and ensure your confidence during the interview process!