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Virtual Interviews - Standing Out From The Crowd

Printing off copies of your resume, laying out your clothes, and practicing your interview questions seems like something of the past. More and more companies are adopting remote working. Many companies have teams working in different areas of the world that require the use of technology more than ever but particularly through the interview process. So the question is – how do you make a great first impression virtually and secure a second interview?

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  1. Video Cover Letter

Set yourself apart right from the beginning and record a video cover letter. This allows you to highlight your technical skills, your experience, and your interest in the position. Always speak clearly and confidently, sit still, and don’t make your video longer than a minute.

  1. Test your technology

Test your technology multiple times prior to your interview day – this includes your webcam angle, microphone levels, and lighting. Make sure you download and/or update the software on your device, and make sure everything is fully charged.

  1. Dress for Success

If you look good, you feel good! Even in a virtual interview, you should still dress the same as you would for an in-person interview. This will help you feel prepared and confident, and it will show employers that you are serious about the position. Remember your posture, sit upright and smile.

  1. Look at the camera

During a virtual interview, eye contact is more important than ever. Focus on looking and speaking at the camera, not on the hiring manager’s image or your notes. Also, remember to add more inflection to your voice. This helps add emotion to the conversation but be careful not to overdo it and become animated.