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Xpert Cafe 2023: A Gala Affair of Networking, Inspiration, and Business Excellence

Xpert Cafe Keynote Speaker, Tim Tebow 
PeopleShare Team Photo
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Ryan Clark, co-founder & CEO, PeopleShare

Susan Larson, Director of Marketing, PeopleShare


Bethany Adams, Director of HR Programs at Villanova University

King of Prussia, PA — On October 4, PeopleShare hosted the distinguished Xpert Café 2023, a meticulously organized event that saw an impressive turnout of over 600 business partners and representatives of PeopleShare. The event took place at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel in King of Prussia, PA.

Guests were treated to a unique networking experience, uniting a diverse group of businesses primarily from the Greater Philadelphia area. The event offered a platform for meaningful connections and strategic collaborations, woven together by the seamless orchestration of PeopleShare.

The highlight of the afternoon was the keynote address by Tim Tebow, renowned Heisman Trophy Winner, former NFL player, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Tebow imparted profound insights into the essential elements of achievement, emphasizing passion, focus, persistence, leadership, and making a lasting impact.

The culinary experience was equally remarkable, featuring chef-made delicacies and cocktails during the reception. The red carpet provided a backdrop for guests to capture moments against the striking banners of Xpert Café 2023.

Adding an artistic touch, a digital caricaturist created personalized portraits, drawing considerable interest from attendees. Select VIP guests enjoyed an exclusive meet and greet hour with Tim Tebow, complete with signed memorabilia and photo opportunities.

Susan Larson, Director of Marketing at PeopleShare, kicked off the proceedings with a warm welcome, expressing admiration for the camaraderie and relationships synonymous with Xpert Café. Bethany Adams, Director of HR Programs at Villanova University and title sponsor of the event, underscored the significance of the gathering. Ryan Clark, co-founder and CEO of PeopleShare, highlighted the pivotal role the company plays in providing jobs and bringing top talents to the forefront.

Tim Tebow then took the stage, delivering a message of hope and compassion, centered around personal stories of his work with The Tim Tebow Foundation. The event concluded with a compelling Question and Answer session with Tim Tebow, leaving attendees uplifted and inspired.

Looking forward, PeopleShare is committed to expanding and enhancing its partnerships through similar events designed exclusively for PeopleShare clients. Xpert Café 2023 stands as a testament to the company's dedication to fostering connections, celebrating success, and shaping the future of business excellence.