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Tiffany Scott: Guiding PeopleShare to Excellence

Tiffany Scott, PeopleShare Chief Operating Officer, was recently named one of The 10 Most Disruptive Women Leaders to Watch in 2023 by The Chief Navigators magazine. This latest issue, which features Tiffany on its cover, highlights the stories of a few significant businesswomen who are influencing, inspiring, and invigorating others with their drive for success.

Tiffany is a remarkable leader in the staffing industry. Her journey from the retail sector to executive leadership of PeopleShare is a testament to her perseverance and adaptability. In her current role, she expertly manages financial decisions, nurtures a vibrant company culture, and safeguards the organization's long-term vision.

During her time working in retail, Tiffany realized her innate need for accountability and tangible impact didn't align with being just one of many employees in a large corporation. This realization led her to various leadership roles, ultimately culminating in her position at PeopleShare.

Tiffany's leadership is marked by open communication and a culture of continuous change and improvement. PeopleShare's emphasis on employee engagement with actionable results sets them apart from the industry. At PeopleShare, constructive feedback leads to real change, fostering a positive work environment and exceptional training programs.

Innovation is also central to the company’s approach, resulting in groundbreaking ideas and substantial savings. They focus on hiring the right people over implementing processes, ensuring a team of passionate and committed individuals.

PeopleShare's fluidity and strong client relationships have allowed them to thrive in the ever-changing staffing industry, maintaining consistent growth, even during economic downturns. Performance tracking and goal alignment across the organization are key to this growth. Managers assess and coach team members rigorously, ensuring that objectives are consistently met. With a focus on employee engagement, innovation, and setting new industry standards, Tiffany and PeopleShare are raising the bar in the staffing industry.

Tiffany's advice for aspiring leaders in operations and management is to operate with grit, humility, and trust.

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