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Revolutionizing Licensed Insurance Agent Recruitment

In the competitive world of insurance, finding and recruiting licensed agents is a constant challenge for many companies. Traditional methods, such as recruiting from competitors or relying solely on pre-licensing education, often fall short in delivering the desired number of qualified agents. However, PeopleShare has been at the forefront of solving these recruitment obstacles. Our innovative Licensed Agent Builder™ program offers a unique solution that combines recruiting and pre-licensing education to create the perfect-fit agents that organizations need.

Insurance companies and BPOs frequently face the frustrating reality of not having enough licensed agents to meet their staffing requirements. Despite efforts to create agents through pre-licensing education, the results seldom yield the desired number of qualified individuals. This scarcity of available agents poses a significant challenge for companies in need of capable professionals to fill crucial insurance licensed agent positions.

What do we do that's so different? Our groundbreaking approach tackles the intersection of recruiting and pre-licensing education, providing organizations with a tailored approach to meet their staffing needs.

The Licensed Agent Builder™ program starts by identifying candidates who are the right fit for your licensed agent positions. Our extensive recruiting expertise ensures that potential candidates possess the necessary qualities and skills. Once selected, these candidates undergo a proprietary pre-licensing education process designed to equip them with the knowledge and qualifications required to succeed as licensed agents.

With over a decade of experience in creating agents, PeopleShare delivers invaluable industry insight and expertise. We understand the intricacies and challenges of staffing high-volume call centers with licensed agents. Whether the focus is on licenses for Life, Health, Property & Casualty, Public Liability, or Adjusters, PeopleShare has the knowledge and capability to fulfill organizations' specific agent requirements.

When it comes to addressing the persistent challenge of recruiting licensed insurance agents, PeopleShare's Licensed Agent Builder™ program stands out as an innovative and effective solution. By merging recruiting and pre-licensing education, we offer a streamlined process that delivers qualified agents who are eager to contribute and succeed. If your organization is struggling to meet staffing needs for licensed agents, it's time to explore the PeopleShare Licensed Agent Builder. Reach out to us today to revolutionize your agent recruitment strategy.