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2023 Workplace Resolutions

At some point in your life, you have thought "New Year, New Me!" on January 1. The motto is encouraging and positive, but usually only focuses on your personal life. It's  important to focus on workplace goals along with your personal ones. Here are 4 goals to consider working on in 2023.

  1. Improve social media profiles
    Social media has continued to grow and is now a serious workplace tool. Although it used to be a place to keep up with your friends and share the occasional meme, social media is now a great networking tool for individuals. LinkedIn and Instagram are two great platforms to connect with colleagues, promote your business or services, and keep up with other industry experts. Challenge yourself to post consistently on one or two platforms throughout the year and see how it impacts your career and business growth - you might be surprised!
  2. Make new connections
    It can be easy to stay inside your comfort zone and not put yourself out there to make new connections. With how virtual the world has become, organically making new connections is challenging. Take the initiative and look into networking groups in your area or field. Often times these groups have a monthly or quarterly event. These are great ways to meet new people and make impactful connections. 
  3. Improve work-life balance
    Work-life balance is one of those things that you consistently have to work on. Often times you bring a little work home and it's no big deal, but over time you start working later and later and it really impacts your work-life balance. This year, work consciously to do things you love outside of work and take time off when needed. Staying on top of this ensures that you will be more productive and avoid burnout in the future.  
  4. Challenge yourself daily
    When you have been working the same job for awhile, it can be easy to fall into a routine. The only way you will grow is to continue to challenge yourself each day. Take on more responsibility, learn a new skill or try a different approach to a regular task. By continuing to learn and challenge yourself, you will open many doors in your career path. 

It's important to not only better yourself in your personal life, but in your professional life as well. In order to improve and grow, you need to first tackle some new tasks and challenges. Choosing many goals to improve on at once may feel overwhelming, so choose just one to start with. By working these goals into your daily life, you will begin to grow and improve in every facet of your life.