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4 Tips to Have a Successful First Day on the Job

The first day of a new job is a mix of excitement and anxiety. Meeting new people, getting situated in a new company, learning about your position and company culture, it’s overwhelming. PeopleShare works to ensure you feel prepared and ready from the start.

Here are four steps you can take to succeed on your first day on the job.


1. Plan Your Commute

To succeed on your first day, you first must get to work, and be on time. Planning your commute will take any surprises out of your first morning. If you had an in-person interview, you likely already know the commute and the company parking situation. Since many interviews are now virtual, planning how you will get to the office is even more important, as you didn’t have the interview trial run. Do a test drive prior to your first day, that way you can figure out the best route to get you to work.


2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

You might want to seem like you know it all on your first day, but that usually isn’t the case – and employers know that. A new job requires new training and there’s almost always a learning curve. Not asking questions is more of a red flag to managers than asking too many. Asking thoughtful questions shows you are interested in your new position and care about your success!


3. Prepare!

You’ve already done a good amount of preparation during your interviews, but it never hurts to do a bit more. Get familiar with your job responsibilities, the company, their recent successes and what exactly they do. You want to have a solid understanding of the company prior to your first day.


Another thing you can do is prepare your elevator pitch. Your new coworkers are going to want to learn about you: What was your last job? What benefits will you bring to the company? Having a brief explanation set and prepared will take an extra layer of stress away.


4. Confirm Everything

When you work with a PeopleShare recruiter, they walk you through all these steps and confirm everything with you. The final step of PeopleShare’s process is an orientation. Your recruiter sits with you and goes through all the information you will need to know before your first day. This is the perfect time to ask any and all additional questions you might have. Confirm who you’re reporting to, your start time and anything else you’re unsure of. Your recruiter will ensure you feel confident for your first day!

Taking these steps may seem unnecessary, but it’s better to be overprepared for your first day. When you work with a recruiter at PeopleShare, they will take you through these steps to guarantee you hit the ground running from day one. Your recruiter provides you with the right tools to succeed on your first day and beyond. Your future success is our top priority!


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