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This St. Patrick's Day, Find the Luck of a Recruiter

St. Patrick's day is known for luck and pots of gold, and while job searching is difficult, working with a recruiter can help change your luck! Recruiters take the stress and guess work out of your job search, and help guide you through a sometimes arduous process. Here are 3 reasons you should consider using a recruiter::

  1. Access to unadvertised job opportunities

    Recruiters often have access to job openings that are not publicly advertised. Our clients come to us with positions that aren't posted online, and we share them with the candidates we work with.  Your recruiter will also learn about your specific career goals and deal breakers, and use that in their search for you. They may know about an upcoming opportunity that is a perfect match, and you could be the first to interview for the position. Working with a recruiter can give you access to a wider range of job opportunities than you might find on your own.
  2. Expert advice and guidance:

    Recruiters are experts in the job market and can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the job search process. From the first step of your search, recruiters will assist you in tailoring your resume for the jobs you're interested in. Prior to going on any client interviews, your recruiter will prep you through sample questions and make sure you understand clearly how to ace to the interview, whether it's in person or virtual. Your recruiter is not only here to search for jobs, but they are your resource to ensure you're as prepared as possible. 

  3. Save time and effort:

    Job searching can be a time-consuming and exhausting process, especially if you're already employed or have other commitments. Working with a recruiter can streamline the job search process and connect you with relevant job openings quickly. They will only come to you with jobs that they think you are a good fit for, so you don't waste time interviewing for jobs that aren't a match. Even if they don't have a job for you when you first reach out, you are now in their system and they will contact you with any future opportunities. 

Working with a recruiter provides a wide range of benefits through your job search. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Reach out to your local PeopleShare branch today to learn how one of our recruiters can help you today!