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The New Rise in Employee Dissatisfaction

While Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing have recently become hot topics, many employers are failing to address the root cause of these phenomena: employee dissatisfaction. When expectations for their position are not met, employees have trouble feeling content in their job. This can lead to a lack of motivation and commitment. Several factors have contributed to the new rise in employee dissatisfaction, and it is crucial for employers to address them to fight the rising turnover rate.

One factor leaving employees unsatisfied is an increased rate of burnout. Burnout occurs when there is chronic workplace stress that has not been managed and often manifests as a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion. Over 50 percent of employees have reported feeling exhausted during a typical workday. Enough burnout will lead any employee towards discomfort with their job.

Dissatisfaction also arises when employees feel they are being treated unfairly. Between an impending recession and rising inflation, employees are concerned with their compensation now more than ever. Insufficient pay has led nearly 1 in 3 employees making less than $60,000 per year to take on additional work to supplement their income. As competitive wages begin to appear on the market, dissatisfied employees may be driven to seek new opportunities.

Health care benefits have also remained a top concern for employees. Nearly 70 percent of employees have reported frustration with getting the care they need, with most pinning the cause on costs not covered by health plans. As a result, insufficient health care benefits have significantly contributed to a lack of contentment in the workplace.

Overall, there are several contributing factors that are leaving employees unsatisfied with their jobs. In order to address the resulting increase in turnover, employers must first address the cause of their employee’s dissatisfaction. Whether it be in the form of compensation, workload, or benefits, it is becoming increasingly clear that employers must work to provide better care for their employees.