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Is it time to go back to the office?

Hybrid and remote work have been normalized by the pandemic. However, as we enter the fall months, some companies are working to get their employees back into the office. Is it a good idea? The world has changed and people have grown accustomed to the flexibility. It may be tempting for companies to strongly encourage and even force their employees to come back to the office full-time, but do the pros outweigh the cons?

On LinkedIn, 17% of paid July job postings offered remote work. That's down from a high of 20% in March. But recently, remote jobs are the ones that attract the majority of applicants – evidence that employees prefer to work remotely. This is an important factor for employers to consider before requiring their teams to go full-time in the office.

There is no doubt that in-office work is beneficial. Collaboration between colleagues is incredibly important, and the skills and knowledge newer employees learn from working alongside their teams is great. However, workers have adjusted to collaborating virtually. Some have found that they do better when they are fully remote, and others enjoy a hybrid environment. 

It's important to learn what other companies in your industry are doing and work with those trends. Job seekers still have options, and you don't want to miss out on attracting new talent or lose your existing employees. Consider talking with and observing teams to learn what works best for them. If they are productive and thriving in a hybrid work environment, it may not be worth increasing the time in office just because the trends are heading that way. 

Now is the time to make these plans a priority as we approach the new year. Beginning your research, watching the market and trends, and working with your teams to find what best works for you and your company are the best ways to ensure success for your company.