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Increase Employee Engagement Virtually

Here are four tips that will help you and your team continue to feel engaged in the workplace, no matter where your office is:

Set clear expectations

It’s easy to get off track in the digital world. When working from home, job expectations can get lost in translation. As a manager, you may not want to constantly message and call your employees, but it is important to ensure they are confident in what is expected of them. Whether it’s about a specific project or general job responsibilities, make sure your employees have a clear understanding of your expectations.

Have regular 1-on-1 check-ins

Regular meetings are imperative to keep employees engaged and ensure a sense of community. This is a great way to keep up with your team and give them the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns. Use the check-ins to discuss work, upcoming projects, give kudos or chat about areas of improvement. It’s also a great way to connect outside of the workplace. Asking about how they are and what’s going on in their life allows you to connect to your team beyond daily work.

Increase virtual team activities

In today’s virtual world, everyone finds themselves in their own bubble. Even though we have regular virtual meetings, it’s never the same as getting together in person. Finding creative ways to engage your team virtually is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Take advantage of the virtual time you already have together to do something fun and different. Check out PeopleShare’s recent blog for ideas to liven up your team meetings and engage your employees!

Prioritize Employee Appreciation

We’ve all had a project or presentation we’ve poured our heart and soul into, and hearing that extra word of congratulations made the hours of work worth it. You know your team works hard and it is important to let them know how much you appreciate all they do. Make it a priority to acknowledge a job well done. By regularly recognizing your employees, you can increase productivity, improve team culture, decrease turnover and much more!  Whether it’s a social media shout out, a team award, or even a quick email, you will be shocked by the effect these small acts will have on your team!

It’s more important than ever to keep your employees engaged in their work and with their teams. Be proactive and make sure they continue to feel seen and heard. Keeping an open line of communication is the best way to stay on top of issues before they arise. Virtual work has its benefits, but it is your job as a manager to try and ensure things stay as normal as can be!