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Ensuring Workplace Inclusion for LGBTQ Employees

  1. Make your teams feel supported and included
  2. Foster an environment of respect
  3. Provide inclusivity training

Make your teams feel supported and included

There are a few steps employers can take to ensure they’re doing all they can to make their teams feel supported and included in the workplace. A solid first step is going through existing policies and updating them to include LGBTQ individuals. Using inclusive and neutral language when writing your policies is key.

Foster an environment of respect

As an employer, it is your responsibility to foster an environment of respect by setting expectations for inclusion and communicating them with employees. Not only do you want all of your employees to feel comfortable and respected by their teams, but they also need to know they can come to management or HR with any issues. Let your team know they can share as much or as little as they’re comfortable with. Knowing they have a support system in the workplace is important.

Provide inclusivity training

Finally, integrating regular inclusivity training will help all employees stay up to date on policies and any changes. Rotating different LGBTQ topics into your regular training schedule is one way to consistently promote an environment of inclusivity.

Although these are just a few small steps, they will make a big difference when all are put into effect. Inclusivity starts with leadership. By setting these examples, your teams will feel the difference. Be sure to check out the SHRM website for more tips and suggestions.