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Already feeling overwhelmed? Start the new year off right managing these two things.

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Although we’re less than a month into the New Year, you may already be feeling overwhelmed with your workload. Often times, managing your workload starts with managing your day-to-day.

Here are two tips to help you make the most of your workday:

Managing Tasks

Returning to work life after the holiday season is often challenging, and the sheer number of tasks waiting for you can be daunting at best. In order to tackle everything efficiently, it’s important to stay consistently organized. If you aren’t already, the beginning of the year is a great time to start using a daily to-do list or a weekly planner. Writing out your tasks allows you to focus on what needs to be prioritized, rather than feeling like you need to have it all done at once.

Feeling overwhelmed? Review your task list and decide which ones can be delegated to others to ensure that they get done. It’s easy to feel like you must do it all, but utilizing your resources will allow you to complete more tasks efficiently and avoid burnout.

Check out these great project management software options:

Like to write everything down? These planners may be a great option for you:

Managing Time

Feel like you’re always rushing but just can’t catch up? You may have your tasks organized, but can never find the time to do them all if you aren’t using your time effectively.

Start by limiting distractions. Distractions like social media tend to absorb important time while giving you very little in return. Instead, save your scrolling for when you need a mental break. While it takes a great deal of self-discipline, setting a 10 minute time limit can help you avoid aimlessly scrolling for hours at a time. Similarly, start blocking out specific times for certain tasks. Keep a daily time log to block out an hour for specific tasks you want to complete. This will allow you to stay focused and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

While it’s important to stay productive, remember to take breaks. Stop and take 10 minutes to go for a brief walk a few times a day, or simply step away from your desk for a bit. When you return, you should feel refreshed and ready to dive in without feeling burned out.

Implementing these tips on a daily basis will help them to become second nature. Establishing an effective work strategy will help you accomplish more with your time and avoid mental overload, leading you to a successful year ahead.